Automated Caller

What does an Automated Caller mean? 

An automated caller makes calls to a large number of people at the same time without having to dial their numbers individually. An automated caller dials the numbers at once, so they ring the recipient’s phone all at the same time to deliver a pre-recorded message. These calls can be scheduled to meet the operator’s needs.

An automated caller performs a lot of functions from call blasts, scheduling reminders, managing feedback, etc. just to ensure that business communications run seamlessly and time is maximized.

Call automation ensures that calls are made to a large audience within seconds with just a click. This helps increase efficiency, productivity, and ensure a higher response rate and as a result, is one of the best ways of improving business marketing communications.

Types of Call Automation:

There are essentially two types of call automation – the outbound calls and the inbound calls. The outbound calls ensure that a pre-recorded message plays automatically to the customers once they pick the call.

Inbound calls allow customers to dial a number to perform some activities such as canceling a subscription, making enquiries, etc. They are usually directed on specific actions to take through a pre-recorded voice prompt.

How to Make Use of an Automated Caller System 

An automated caller system requires operators to sign up to their services. After the sign up processes, the operator uploads the details of the opted-in customers, record the message to be sent and finalizes by scheduling the time for the calls to go out.

Who Can Use the Automated Caller System

The automated caller system is user-friendly and requires no prior technical knowledge to operate. Anyone who has the need of making calls to a large audience simultaneously can subscribe to the service.

Businesses, schools, churches, non-profit organizations, political campaigners, etc. have been known to be top beneficiaries of the system.

Frequently asked Questions

—Is automated calling legal? While it is important to follow all rules and regulations that are in effect in your country and state or province, automated calls are not only legal but also a time and money saver.

—What do I need to make an automated call? You don’t need any special equipment to make automated calls. You just need to partner with a reliable service provider and use your PC to access the service.

—How many calls can I make at the same time with automated calling system? Many service providers offer unlimited channels, meaning that there are usually no limits to the number of phone calls you can make at the same time.

—What’s the best service provider available? 123 Robocall is the biggest and most efficient service provider in the US. Coupled with the feature-rich, affordable, services they offer, they have also been reputed to be the best service providers too.

—What are the features of the system – Depending on the service provider, there are lots of features in an automated caller system ranging from call recording, call scheduling, CRM integration, No setup costs, detailed reporting, analytics, etc.

—What are the benefits of using the caller system? Some of the benefits of using the automated system for calling include increased response rates, increased efficiency, productivity, improved business communication, etc.

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