Automated Phone System

What Is An Automated Phone System?

Making Phone Calls and sending text messages can be fun things to do but can also be boring depending on a lot of factors. Generally, it's more fun to place a phone call or send a text message across to family, friends and loved ones than it is to make official calls or messages to persons you may never have met all your life.

It's worse when these official calls are required to be made to a lot of people, within a specific time limit and with you having to repeat the same thing over and over again.

Placing calls to large number of individuals’ one call at a time is also time-consuming and has the ability to hinder your productivity by making you place calls or send messages with the time you ought to invest into doing other more productive tasks.

With automated phone systems, you don't need to worry about making calls or sending messages to a lot of people, all by yourself.

All you are required to do is record your voice message or type in the necessary texts and program your automated phone system to place the calls or send the messages at the exact time you want them to be sent while giving you enough time to work on other tasks

Automated phone systems interact with individuals with the interactive voice response system and with the aid of machines, help individuals to be more effective by helping them make and receive calls and messages to/from a large audience.

Automated Phone System

Types of Automated Phone Systems

There are basically 3 types of automated phone systems. They are the outbound, the inbound and the hybrid automated phone systems.

The outbound phone system is quite common and enables it's users to place pre-recorded calls to as many people as possible at the same time. The outbound phone system accepts bulk phone numbers of different people and places calls across to them. When calls are placed and a human voice is detected from the other end, it then plays the pre-recorded voice message to the hearing of the receiver.

Inbound calls on the other hand attends to incoming calls. They answer calls coming in from humans and help to screen the needs of the persons calling. It gives them the required answers that they need and if it is not programmed to answer the questions asked, it reroutes the call to a human who can attend to the questions. Inbound calls systems can be said to be the opposite of the outbound system even though the basic technology employed is the same.

The hybrid system is a combination of both the outbound and inbound phone system. It can make calls and receive calls from humans at the same time.

Looking for a Service Provider for your Automated Phone System?

123 Robocall is a Robocall service provider that enables you to reach your large audiences through automated calls and messages. These calls are programmed to send prerecorded voice or text messages to a defined contact list and at cheaper rates.

Benefits of automated phone systems

  • They are perfect for emergencies and campaigns
  • They help to save money
  • They are time-efficient
  • Aids general productivity and efficiency
  • Automated phone systems are perfect for marketing purposes
  • Relieves stress and prevents fatigue
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