Average Cost Of Political Robocalls

What are robocalls?

Robocall is a term used to describe calls made through computers to people, delivering a recorded voice content. These calls could be so humanized that they bear semblance to an actual person to person dialogue.

It is a technology used by organizations to promote their agenda, it is also used by government agencies to broadcast public guidelines. Robocalls are designed to send voice notes to thousands of people at the same time.

Though the average cost of political robocalls is not easily ascertainable, many political parties nevertheless have utilized robocall services in publishing their manifestos and announcing their candidates during election campaigns. Thus, the general belief suggests that the average cost of political robocalls remains quite affordable in comparison with alternative methods of political communication. Whatever the platform it is used, robocalls do stimulate rapid response as they reach targets more directly than some other means of broadcast communication.

Importance of Robocalls in Politics

Robocalls are the best choice for political campaigns because it erases the constraints of spending so much money in reaching a large number of people in less time. The average cost of political robocalls may differ among providers but the benefits of using this cost – effective means of launching your political campaign are numerous. They include:

  • Polling voter concerns: Robocalls can help you assess the needs of voters when they respond to programmed questions through their touch-pad. This gives you forehand knowledge on what challenges they have and how that can be related to your manifesto. This helps in winning the heart of voters.
  • Recruiting volunteers: Your campaign can always make do with more volunteers. When voters respond to a preset number during the call, they can be added to your volunteer team. Robocalls also give room for volunteer – voter conversation, this is made possible through a preset number dial on the robocall which transfers the voter to a live volunteer for subsequent inquiries.
  • Direct and multiplied reach: People tend to pay more attention to their phones than their television or any other telemedia device. Robocalls are made to phones hence more people will get the information you want to broadcast If you use robocalls, in an instant thousands of people will receive details of your campaign.
  • With robocall you are also given the opportunity to analyze how well your campaign is going by computing how many people were reached, how they responded and what their responses were. These reports can assist your campaign managers in optimizing voice campaign projects through comparison and analysis of the reports.

Average Cost of Political Robocall Services

Robocall services come in varying price ranges, however, the average cost of political robocall is not fixed. There are some pricing policies engaged by robocall companies that can only inform you on probable cost to incur in making political robocalls. Some companies charge per call whether the call was dropped, picked or not.

Certain companies charge only for received calls though they still charge full price for calls that were dropped immediately after picking while some other companies allow you pay for only the duration of calls.


Since pricing policies differ among providers deciding a standard average cost of political robocalls is difficult but the information given above will give an idea. At 123robocalls our robocall services are to pay as you use. Don’t miss this easy to use and affordable service. You can start by creating your free account now.

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