Election Robocalls

Election robocalls have become a popular campaign strategy in the United States and certain other countries. It is a favored strategy because it allows candidates aspiring for political positions get their campaigns promises and manifestos to as many people without having to spend much money organizing rallies and events. This is done through sending automated calls containing recorded message from the politician or his support organization which are delivered to the phone devices of voters.

Are robocalls a tested strategy?

Yes, robocalls are tested and proven election campaign strategies. The main logic behind its success is that over 90 percent of the electorate are mobile phone users and it is are campaigns brought to phones. Certain political candidates have been able to beat the constraints of time, space and finance by employing robocall services in reaching voters. This brings the voters into awareness of planned rallies and also why they should vote the particular candidate. Robocalls can also be used to get more people into the volunteer support team of a candidate.

Are robocalls during election legal?

Yes, election robocalls are legal in countries like the United States, Canada among others although guidelines exist in monitoring the use of election robocalls in these countries.

How to send robocalls during an election

A robocall campaign will not just turn out successful because it got to mobile phones of voters. The content of the call most times is the most important factor in determining successful robocall campaigns. There are certain features that must be captured in your call to ensure a successful campaign outreach and they are;

  • Your call should always address the voter as through you called only him or her for example, ‘Hi, sorry to disturb your evening. I am Moses Smith and I wish that you give me an opportunity to serve you as county head…’
  • You should use a very optimistic tone and ensure to sound likable.
  • In the early part of the voice record you can play mild music to get your listener absorbed in the call.
  • When introducing yourself you can mention past achievements and successes.
  • It is advisable that you give opportunities to voters to get in touch with your live volunteer team through a preset number dial allocated for that purpose.

Benefits of using robocalls in election

The use of election robocalls comes with numerous benefits, which are;

  • Cost – effective means of reaching out to voters, communicating why you should be voted and obtaining feedback about voter needs.
  • More opportunities are given to voters to communicate their needs to political aspirants through ’Press – 1’ robocall campaigns.
  • It is can also be used to inform the electorate about recent developments such as changes in voting dates or voting venue.


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