Mass Texting Service

What is a Mass Texting Service?

Mass Texting service refers to a system which is configured to reach a large group of people simultaneously via SMS, irrespective of their geographical location and their engagements at any given time. Similar to general social media modes of communication, this texting system delivers messages to targeted recipients  simultaneously.

What makes it unique is its ability to deliver those messages without the recipients having to subscribe to the service, follow a page, or have an internet connection. This makes it the perfect mass communication tool for campaigns and marketing activities.

What's the fuss about the mass texting service? How does it work? How do I choose the best service provider? The answers to these questions are provided in this article which also serves as a summarized start-up guide in your quest to take advantage of the mass texting service in ensuring productivity and efficiency in your business.

Why use the Mass Texting Service?

If you run a business, church, school, a campaign program or you are engaged in any other activity that would require you to connect with large groups of people at the same time, you're in luck. Many companies, organizations and businesses prioritize the use of mass texting services for various mass communication- intensive activities (like campaigns, promos and marketing) because of its cost-effectiveness, user-friendliness, and its ability to produce the desired results in the shortest time possible. It would be wise to make use of this opportunity to give your business an added edge over competition.

The service can be automated to schedule text messages to particular time and date, making it easy for messages to go out as scheduled with little or no interference or supervision from the sender. Depending on the service provider, the mass texting service can also be customized to deliver personalized messages and doubles as an effective tool for analytical purposes as it can include a real time statistics offer.

How do you start?

Clients usually start using the mass texting service by finding a reliable service provider and subscribing to their services by first registering their details with the provider. The service provider then builds a password protected database profile for the client, and gives them access to their messaging platform.

Choosing the best mass texting service provider:

Functionality and ease of use is what sets a mass texting service provider apart from others. In this areas, only the 123 Robocall company comes to mind.

123 Robocall offers easy, fast, unbeatable and affordable mass texting platforms for client convenience and satisfaction. What's more, service packages come with free campaign support too. Customers get to register for the service for free while enjoying access to the most efficient customer care service in the industry.

 Other services offered include live transfers, advanced scheduling, automated opt-out, real time statistics, unlimited contacts, no contracts, and many more unbelievable advantages. It is feature-rich and helps to boost recipient- engagement, and so helps in boost brand visibility and sales.

These, coupled with the many positive reviews and recommendations from numerous customers in the US and Canada, when compared to that of other service providers, make it the number 1 mass messaging company in the US and Canada and the first choice for any business or organizations administration who has an eye for quality and efficiency.


It is evident that mass texting systems have come to stay and its usefulness far outweighs any disadvantages it may have. A prudent businessman or administrator would take advantage of this service by not only employing the services of any type of texting service, but choosing to work with the best providers on ground to amplify customer satisfaction. The 123 Robocall company is always and forever, a prudent organization's best bet.

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