Online Texting Service

Understanding the basics of the online texting service

Everyone understands the nitty-gritty of sending text messages from mobile phones to friends, colleagues, loved ones, and/or even strangers. When it comes to online texting service, however, many people have little to no idea how it works or why it exists.

Online texting service is simply a service that allows you send text messages to mobile phones via the Internet. It’s pretty much the same thing as sending text messages via cell phones only that you don’t use the cell phone messaging system, you do it from a website via a browser on your PC.

Why Businesses Text Online 

Businesses use the online texting service because it’s convenient and allows them text thousands of persons at the same time. Our mobile phone messaging system can only allow for a limited number of recipients at the same time, making it an unfavorable platform for sending business texts to a large number of people because doing so would waste valuable time and cost lots of money.

With online texting, businesses are afforded the opportunity of texting a large audience simultaneously with just one click at grossly reduced rates. Online texting also includes a lot of business features that help business measure their growth over a period.

How Businesses Text Online

The process of online texting is a very simple one that doesn’t require special technical skills. Basically anyone can send online text messages with few steps:

  • Sign up with a service provider
  • Upload your in-opted contacts
  • Compose your message
  • Send your message

Yes, it’s really that simple!

What to consider when starting an online texting service program 

The online platform for text messaging is very user-friendly and can be used by anybody. They are available for any type of business to use and so you don’t have to worry about your business being a start-up or small-scale. There are some factors you should consider before choosing to use the service so that you can make the best of it:

  • Your Business online communication goals: What is your reason for texting? Is it to boost sales, improve internal communication or boost traffic? Whatever your reason, it should be clearly anticipated. This will help you choose what service provider is best for you and also help you realize when you’ve made progress.
  • The message you wish to share: You should have a really good message to send if you want to achieve positive results.
  • How you would measure your SMS campaign success: How would you know when you have reached your goals?
  • How ready you are to start: Do you have the phone numbers of the recipients and have you received their permission to send message to them? You can’t send an online text to someone if they haven’t given you the permission to do so.

The 123 Robocall Online Texting Service Experience

You haven’t gotten the best out of the online texting service if you haven’t signed in to the 123 Robocall online platform. If you are at sea about how to get started, the 123 Robocall Texting Customer Support Managers are on ground to guide you through the process and make your online texting experience with us seamless. Give us a call today!

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