Phone Tree Software

A phone tree software is a telephone information system software that is automated to speak to a caller with a combination of various fixed voice menus.

This system allows the caller to respond to the voice menus by either speaking words, saying short phrases, or pressing phone keys which can route calls or register information depending on the programmed response in real time.

A phone tree software is also a calling software which helps to route incoming calls while using a pre-recorded prompt that guides the caller to the right place using a touch-tone response.

A phone tree software totally eliminates the need for a live operator which is a big advantage to businesses that make use of a phone tree software.

It is great for outbound polling, surveys and notification applications which deliver clear data on the number of successful calls made, and organizations can gather information for appointments, retrieve preference data and other time-critical events.

Phone Tree Software Applications

There are various phone tree software applications. These applications are mostly practical applications.

Most consumers interface with phone trees software through call centers that route calls to available agents in order to retrieve information requested by the caller.

For instance, an individual may put a call through to request information about an account information, an event schedule, or, a caller may inquire about an information on a service offered by a company which automatically routes the caller to the appropriate department or individual the caller intends to communicate with. All these being achieved by placing a call directly from their phone.


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Types of Phone Tree Applications

IVR Phone Trees

Interactive voice response (IVR) phone tree applications are powered by an interactive voice response (IVR) technology which processes the dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) key press input. This software technology propels the interaction between the software and the caller.

Phone Tree Online Platforms

The phone tree online platforms consists of the IVR software, the server and the operating system hardware which are the platforms on which phone tree software runs.

IVR platform has the ability to record and play prompts, and also gather caller inputs. It also has the ability to route calls to physical phone lines or call center agents, recognize voice response inputs from callers and translate text into speech output for callers.

Over the years, these applications have tremendously improved customer service in organizations that utilize such services. Good customer service means there is speedy, low-cost and no-hassle interaction which delivers maximum results.

These are advantageous characteristics of a good business which makes a phone tree software application a useful tool when utilized in businesses.

It can provide various advantageous services such as:

1. It provides great customer service without the need to spend so much money on manpower

2. It saves your time, and your customer's time using a robocall

3. It can be used to create personalized greetings for your brand.

4. The software can be used to route clients to the appropriate party without the need to go through an operator.

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