Political Robocalls

Political robocalls are used to pass messages across to people of a particular region to request votes for a particular candidate.

We all have messages that we want to pass across to other people. It could be about the business that you just started, or the programs your religious group intends to host over the weekend, the fact that you're running for office, or the book you want to launch, or even more personal things like your house party - the list is inexhaustible.

It's very easy to pass these messages across to our friends and loved ones. You just meet up with them, hand them an invitation card or just verbally pass your message across over a cup of coffee and everyone's good.

However, we will soon begin to realize that communication isn't all that easy especially when it concerns a large group of people who we probably don't know and haven’t met. For one reason or the other, we may at some point in time try to pass a message across to the general population and yet want it to have a personal touch to it. How do you do this? The answer is simple: Robocall.

What is a Robocall?

A robocall is an automated system for sending and receiving messages whereby a pre-recorded phone call is simultaneously placed to a group of selected receivers in a given location. Robocalls are used mostly by people who need to carry out campaigns to reach a large number of people or those who just want to spread awareness during an emergency.

A robocall is a more personal, cost-effective way of reaching out to a large group of people when compared to general advertising in newspapers, television or over the radio. They are equally far-reaching and make it easier to analyze results and responses.

Political Robocalls

political robocall

Political robocalls are used to pass messages across to people of a particular region to request votes for a particular candidate.

More and more political campaigners are beginning to get comfortable with political robocalls for the following reasons:

  • Survey: Politicians know the importance of surveying and gathering information about public opinion long before an election starts. Apart from political debates, seminars and talk shows, a much convenient and cheaper way to achieve this is through robocalls. With political robocalls, you can easily place a call to thousands of people at the same time to gather their opinion and carry out general survey about any topic of your choice.
  • Political Robocalls give a personal touch to campaigning. Phone calls would do a greater job at making the receivers feel specifically cared for.
  • Political Robocall serves as an analytical tool for voice campaigning.  You can use it to track the results of the voice campaign.

Political Robocall improves and maintains engagements. It helps to improve one on one conversations with the voters as they can easily give their feedback by pressing a number dedicated for that purpose.

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