Robocall Pricing

What is Robocall Pricing?

Everything in life comes at a price, and so does Robocall. Robocall pricing is specifically structured to meet the varying needs of various individuals.

 Robocall Pricing

Robocalls are not free, but they are also not expensive. The amount of money you may spend on Robocalling over a thousand persons will definitely not amount to more than fifty dollars.

Robocalling is a cheap alternative to using your phone line to contact a large demographic group. If you have to send messages (whether MMS or SMS) to a thousand people using your regular phone line, then you must be ready to spend a fortune. If you did the same with a Robocalling service provider, then you would be saving yourself a fortune.

Robocalling Services

Using Robocalling services may vary from one service to another. If you were using our 123 Robocalling service provider for example, these would be the different rates that your services may incur:

  • Phone calls(both inbound and outbound)

For phone calls, you can spend as low as five cents per minute to make and to receive calls. Whether those calls are coming in or going out. It would cost you just five cents. Now with one dollar, you could send out a Robocall of one minute to twenty persons at the cost of one dollar. If that rate is right, then you could reach a thousand people for just fifty dollars. Now that's not bad. Just take note though that for people in Alaska, you get to pay fifteen cents per minute.

Robocall pricing
  • SMS messages (both inbound and outbound)

The rates remain the same for text messages, whether inbound or outbound. Send text messages of two hundred characters to a thousand people at the cost of fifty dollars. Now that's a fair price.

  • MMS messages (both inbound and outbound)

With the rates set at ten cents per message (two hundred characters plus an image), you can reach out to a thousand people for just a hundred dollars.

  • Virtual phone numbers

 To use a virtual phone number, all you have to spend is three dollars for a month. You can get a virtual phone number which is also known as a direct inward dialling or access number. These are numbers which are not really assigned to any telephone line. So if you want to keep your personal number incognito, then you can use one of such numbers at the cost of three dollars per month.

Economic Advantages of Using a Robocall Service Provider

Do we really need to tell you this? Well since you want to hear it, we will just tell it.

  • No contracts

At 123 Robocalling, there are no contracts. All you have to do is open an account.

  • Save money

Save a lot of money when you work with us. You do not have to spend a fortune.

  • Pay for only what you use

There are no minimum charges with us. Pay for only what you use and pay as you go.

  • No hidden charges

With us, there are no hidden charges at all. All there is is all we show to you.

That’s all of the pricing details you need to know about Robocalling. Do try us out today at 123 Robocalling and get the best of services.

Robocalling is a breeze with 123 Robocall