Robocall Services and Prices

What are Robocall Services and Prices?

There are different mediums through which messages or announcements are made to a mass audience at a particular time. A robocall service is one of such mediums.

Additionally, it is an automated system that allows for pre-recorded calls to be made across to a large audience at the same time. This is not the only advantage of robocall service.

Robocall services and prices tend to be lucrative to businesses in cost, and efficiency.

Features of Robocall Services and Prices

Robocall services and prices provide quite a number of benefits which may be alien to individuals who subscribe to other mass communication methods.

Moreover, there are various features in robocall services such as, managing a contact group, recipient’s responses, polling, multiple methods of sending messages among other features that make them more attractive to users.

Robocall Service Systems

Robocall service systems can also accept bulk imports of telephone numbers from a database, a spreadsheet or other contact management system.

It uses a secure server to place calls while also listening to human responses, which when detects, activates a function that plays a pre-record message that creates either using a human voice or a typed text-to-speech message. It also detects when a call is answered by a voicemail system and delivers an alternate reply.

Robocall Services and Prices

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123 Robocall is a Robocall service provider that enables you to reach your large audiences through automated calls and messages. These calls are programmed to send prerecorded voice or text messages to a defined contact list and at cheaper rates.

Advantages of Robocall Services

Robocall Services have a lot of enticing advantages, they include:


Robocall services are efficient time saving services that are most efficiently utilized in outbound calls or emails where speed is a critical factor. Robocalling services make it easy to load up contacts, create and send the messages and begin calls in seconds. The time saved when compared to a human operator carrying out the same functions is incomparable.

 Feedback Mechanisms

Contrary to certain beliefs, robocall services do more than just deliver messages. Just like every other effective systems of communication, robocall services and prices ensure that the user gets the best value for their money.

Conduction of Surveys

Robocall services can automate carrying out a simple survey. It also connects recipients to an appropriate live operator.

Furthermore, it also transfer a message from the caller to the live operator using the tap of their keypad and it allows for a two-way feedback loop which is more than delivering a caller's message to its recipient. Thus, robocall services and prices may be said to be justifiable given such features.

Personalized Messaging Features

One of the disadvantages of sending messages via a mass communication platform is that those messages can end up lacking the necessary human touch needed to appeal to the emotions of the recipients and spur them into carrying out the desired actions.

Moreover, robocalling services have gone a step further to solve this problem by creating a function that allows for users to personalize their messages as though they were speaking directly to a particular person and not any other.

Up to Date Reporting Systems

Robocalling services provide a best reporting system which uses in confirming message delivery and also explaining unsuccessful attempts if any. It efficiently delivers any notification or message you intend to deliver to your calling list.

Robocall Services and prices

When talking about cost effectiveness and value for your money, no service does it better than Robocall servicing. Robocalling is a transparent way of saving calling costs without bothering about hidden charges and what have you. It doesn't require you to purchase additional phone lines or install various software or hardware too.

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