Robocall Software: A Way to Grow Your Business

Robocall software is a way to enhance your small business.

If you’ve been well-acquainted with the world of business and marketing for some time, you must have heard of Robocalling.  Robocalling is one of the founding principles of telecommunication. The concept of Robocalling softwares has been around since the invention of mobile phones, and is gaining more importance every day!

If you’re a consumer with a cell phone-which almost everyone in the US is-you must have received many Robocalls! Every cell phone user has experienced them, which proves how great the reach is.

Robocalling softwares are a great way to boost sales and spread your company’s name. If you’d like to know more about it, keep reading!

What is Robocalling?

Simply put, a Robocall is a phone call that, when received, chimes a pre-recorded message. The Robocalling software uses a computerized autodialer which works by automatically calling on random phone numbers. However, this service can also work for certain targeted phone numbers, like clients or a target audience for advertisment. Once the phone is received, the pre-recorded message plays. This message can be anything from an advertisement to a notification.

Here are some notable types of robocalls:

  • Product promotion and advertisement: This is the most common type of Robocall in telemarketing. Such calls aim to highlight a chosen product and list its benefits, price and purchase options.
  • Service offers: Calls of this sort are also commonly seen. They advertise popular services like car washes, pet grooming, and daycare centers.
  • Discounts and sales: A number of organizations choose to advertise their groundbreaking deals and discounts with the help of a Robocall software.

Robocall Software for Business

Robocalling usually gets a bad reputation, but it’s actually a brilliant marketing tool! In fact, in 2019 alone, over 49 billion robocalls were made in the US. This advertisement tactic is so common that in September 2019 there were 4.5 billion calls placed through Robocalling software. In just one month, a 25% jump in Robocall frequency was noted with October flaunting a total of 5.7 billion calls!

robocall software

The trend is only getting stronger with no signs of slowing down. In 2017, 30,5 billion calls were made through Robocalling software. However the very next year saw an explosion in the market with a staggering 47.8 billion Robocalls made. Keep in mind that these are only American statistics. The frequency of calls made through a Robocall software across the globe is even greater!

The number of Robocalls made in 2019 has exceeded those made in previous years, and national markets expect to see a greater rise in the number of calls made in 2020 and onwards. There are absolutely no stopping Robocalls! 

Benefits of Robocall Software

There are many benefits associated with Robocalling.Here is a list of Robocall types and their respective benefits to help your business:

  • Emergency notifications: Emergencies occur now and then, but what do you do when you need to send out an immediate notification that won’t go straight to the “unread” folder in your customer’s text messages or email account? Your best shot at getting the message through is by appointing a Robocall software! The calls you send out are not limited to customers only. You can alert anyone with a phone on them, including employees and company board members.
  • Last-minute cancellation notices: Every business faces last-minute plan changes caused by unforeseeable circumstances. Whether it’s unfavorable weather, or a business deal gone wrong,inform your peers, employees or customers right away. Send out an automated Robocall on the spot and avoid any confusion!
  • Service updates: Is there a policy change you’d like people to know about? The fastest way to spread the word is with a Robocall software!
  • Employee management: Manage your staff by sending out reminders and notices for them. Let them know about any new business meetings and keep them up-to-date with convenient, automated Robocalls.
  • Appointment and payment reminders: Robocalling software is great for sending out appointment and payment reminders to customers who are prone to forgetfulness. Keep everyone on track with these automated reminders. It’s muchsimpler than calling up people individually to provide updates.

There is a reason why companies still use Robocall software. The evidence still stands: Robocalls are increasing in number every year and businesses are freely investing in them. Looking at current market trends, Robocalling is here to stay, backed by the full support of large and small corporations alike. The benefits are undeniable, and investing is inevitable.

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Selecting Your Service Provider: 123Robocall.com

123 Robocall is by far one of the best service providers in the US.

We are the #1 Robocalling providers in the entire country! We have a base of over 30’000 clients which is seeing a booming expansion. 

Here are some of our business highlights:

  • We cater to businesses of every size: A 123 Robocall, there is no bias against smaller businesses! We provide excellence in service to all our clients, be it a multinational company or a home-based start-up. With 123 Robocall, no company gets left behind!
  • The ideal Robocalling software for fast-paced businesses: Imagine yourself in the following situation:  you need to send out an urgent message to everyone on your contact list, but have no time to do it yourself. You can’t possibly call up everyone individually, exchange pleasantries and then explain your concerns to them. So don’t! Just use our fast Robocalling software to send out your message. Live life hassle-free with 123 Robocall!
  • No time waste: Sign up for our service  to get started on your Robocalling journey. While other providers will leave you with long, winding forms to fill out and have you speak to a customer representative first, we have no such policy! You’ll be done signing up within minutes, and you can get started on sending your messages right away. Just sign up for free upload your contacts and launch your campaign with one, quick click.
  • Easy to use: Don’t waste time on tutorials learning how to use a complicated Robocall software.  Instead, try 123 Robocall! Our platform is one of the easiest Robocalling software to use. We have invested our time and dedication to developing a software that is easily accessible to all. You won’t even need an assistant to control your Robocalls. The software is so easy that you can just do it yourself, instead. This is why 123 Robocall is perfect for small, independent businesses and big fish alike. You can have our Robocall software up and running in no time. Sign up with us today to see just how easy it is to work with us!
  • The best prices on the market: At 123 Robocall, we believe that the key to success lies in running a business that is sustainable and accessible to all. The most important part is establishing an affordable pricing scheme. We guarantee you that you won’t find a better price and quality duo anywhere else. 
  • Pay-as-you-go: We don’t charge you for more than what you use. Our service is hence very affordable and gives you full power.
  • Stellar Customer Support: Do you have questions? Because we’ve got answers! Our customer support staff is very well trained and is just one phone call, email or chat text away. 
  • Voice and text Robocalling: Where other Robocalling software will fail you, we will not. Our company aims to please and offers the best services possible. Most operators offer only one service: either automated calls or independent text messages. But at 123 Robocall, we offer both calling and texting options. You are free to choose, and not obligated to make a certain choice. At 123 Robocall, the power is in your hands. Some campaigns and businesses perform better in response to text messages, whereas others have a target market that is better acquainted with automated calls. Choose whichever option you feel is best, or choose both! And if you’re having trouble picking the right one, dial-up our brilliant customer support wing without further ado.

Why We Are the Best for Non-Profits and Home-Based Businesses?

As a small business or a non-profit, chances are you don’t have a lot of extra cash to invest in marketing. If this sounds like you, then you’re in the right place! 123 Robocall has a pay-to-play policy, meaning that we won’t charge you for more than what you ask from us. With the option of customizable plans, we allow you to customize your reach and payment. Whether you want to send out a text or call to a hundred people, or a million, 123 Robocall has got your back!

Expand Your Reach With 123 Robocall

Did you know that Baby boomers and members of Generation X are most likely to respond to an automated call or text message than an advertisement on social media? Encouraging such people to join your customer base is a tough nut to crack, but no more! Thanks to Robocalling software, you can expand your reach to older customers. 

It is important to include older people in your customer base because, as statistics show, they are the ones with the most money, making them extremely likely to invest in your product!

Ease of Access

You can send out automated calls and messages through your phone when on-the-go, or from the comfort of your home or office using a PC. If you’re a small business owner who doesn’t have an employee in charge of telemarketing, don’t worry. 123 Robocall is so accessible, that you can run your campaign yourself. If at any time you need help, shoot a message to our customer service department and they will get back to you within moments.

123 Robocall Software for Schools

Most schools and universities have a few thousand students. What’s the best way to notify them? With 123 Robocall, of course! It’s near impossible and remarkably costly to call them all up one-by-one. Opting for a Robocall software will save you a handsome amount and give you an excellent success rate.


To sum it up, Robocalling software is here to stay, and your company or campaign should not be left behind. So, visit us today and create your profile for free. Remember, the rate of Robocalls going through is increasing not only on a yearly rate but every month!

Here is a summary of all the reasons why you need a reliable Robocalling software like 123 Robocall:

  • 123 Robocall is perfect for businesses, non-profits, and campaigns of all sizes and sorts
  • With our brilliant Robocalling software, you can send out messages and calls anytime, to as many or as little people as you like without the hassle of approaching them all independently
  • Our pay-as-you-go policy means you won’t be spending a single dime more than what you use. There are no hidden service charges, registration fees or anything of the sort. Just sign-up for free, and you’re ready to start working with us!
  • If you need help, we’ve got an excellent set of customer representatives waiting to be at your service. Remember, we’re always just one call away.

Now that you know how great our service is, and how Robocalling works, you’re ready to start working with us! Sign up on www.123Robocall.com to get started!

Robocalling is a breeze with 123 Robocall