How to Send Mass Text

Introduction to How to Send Mass Text

To understand how to send mass text, it’s important to have adequate knowledge on the meaning of mass text and how it has become an indispensable tool for business communication and marketing.

Mass text refers to text messages that are sent to a large group or groups of persons at the same time. Mass texting has increasingly become popular especially in the business world today because of how convenient and beneficial it is to enhancing businesses communication and improving customer engagement.

To leverage on the opportunities mass texting offers to both corporate and non-profit organizations alike, administrators need to understand how to send mass text without supervision. This would go a long way in aiding productivity, team bonding, communication and efficiency in such organizations.

Learning How to Send Mass Text 

Knowing how to send mass text involves understanding and adhering to the simple processes listed below. They are concise and easy to understand. All you need to send mas text is just the know-how and a PC.

  • Sign up with a credible service provider
  • Upload the contact information of opted-in recipients
  • Compose your message. Ensure that your message is simple to understand, concise, and offers value to the recipients. You can also drive traffic to your blog or website (if any) by including your URL. Ensure to end your texts with a CTA (Call to Action).
  • Schedule your messages. If you want your message to go out at a particular time in the future, simply schedule it to be sent at that time.
  • Alternatively, you can send your messages immediately (if you like) rather than go out as scheduled.

Why it is necessary for businesses to know how to send Mass Text

Mass texting offers so many benefits to businesses, employers, partners and customers alike that knowledge on how to mass text can set you apart from competition and significantly boost your business growth. Your knowledge of mass texting may just be the business breakthrough you have been looking for.

Knowledge of mass texting ushers you into the world of endless opportunities especially as it relates to business communication and marketing. It helps your business or organization achieve sustainable growth by:

  • Adequately scheduling reminders
  • Sending transactional alerts to customers
  • Sending important notifications to employees and customers
  • Using CRM integration to collate customer feedback
  • Managing promotions
  • Ensuring adequate time management
  • Boosting customer engagement and driving sales
  • Ensuring cost effectiveness

The Best Mass Texting Service providers

Your knowledge of how to send mass text is enhanced by sending mass texts via an efficient and reliable platform. 123robotext is every business’s first choice of service provider. You can easily join the other business owners who have taken advantage of the 123robotext feature-rich service to enhance their business structure simply by creating an account. 123robotext services are affordable and specifically adaptable to suit unique business communication needs.


Sending valuable and effective mass texts begins with having the required knowledge of mass texting and having experienced support via a reliable mass texting service provider. Once you register with a mass texting service provider, you will reap the benefits that come with having streamlined communication at your fingertips.

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