Text Blast

What is a text blast?

A text blast is a text message sent to a large audience at the same time using an affordable SMS texting service. In other words, a text blast is a single message going out at the same time to a large number of people, all at once, using an automated messaging system.

A text blast is one of the most common marketing and communication strategies employed by many business outlets in an effort to run promotions, advertise, increase brand visibility and aid customer care services.

Since virtually everyone irrespective of age, demographics, finances, etc. has a mobile phone nowadays, text blasts have an open-rate of about 95% to 100%, and remain a viable tool for marketing communications.

How to send a text message blast 

Sending a text blast is probably one of the easiest messaging-sending activities ever. You can easily send a text message blast by following these few steps:

  • Sign up with an SMS texting service provider: Once you have decided on the need to send a text blast, you should simply find an SMS service provider that has a credible and long standing reputation to partner with. These service providers usually have an easy signup process via an online platform. Some may even go ahead to offer free trial packages for a period.
  • Upload a list of opted-in individuals: Opted-in individuals are potential recipients of your text blast messages who have agreed to receive such messages in some way or the other. You can simply compile a list of these individuals and upload them on the text messaging platform as recipients of the said message.  
  • Write your message: It's now time to compose the messages you want your subscribers to receive. You can schedule these messages to go out at a future time and date.
  • Send: This is the final stage. After composing and revising your texts, simply hit the "send" button on the platform. By hitting the "send" button, you have successfully sent out a text blast.

Importance of text blasting

Text blasting is notably one of the most frequently used marketing communications strategy because of its ease of use, affordability and efficiency. The aim of marketing communications is to reach as many potential customers as possible in the shortest time frame feasible.

Communication is not complete until it is received and feedback is given. To ensure that such information is read, it's best to send such messages via a platform that has the highest open - rate. Not only does the text blasting service provide the most effective means of marketing communications, it also provides an analytics feature which enables businesses measure how effective text blasting campaigns are in relation to achieving their business goals. By so doing, these businesses can easily detect areas that need improvement and work on them.

Apart from being a really affordable service, text blasting services help businesses maximize time by helping to send messages to a lot of people at the same time.

The best text blasting service providers for you 

Choosing the best text blast service providers determines how well your text blasts yield the desired result. You may opt for a service company like the 123 Robocall which has proven to be one of the best in the US industry.

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