Texting Service

What does Texting Service mean?

A texting service can also be called bulk texting service or mass text messaging. It is essentially a service for sending bulk messages to a mass audience at the same time. It is much like the regular phone messaging service except that it is adapted to meet rising business marketing communications needs by allowing businesses save time, money and effort while also measuring campaign results.

From managing employee communications, to sending modifications and running promotions, texting service performs a lot of important business functions to ensure maximum productivity and boats customer-engagement and brand awareness.

As opposed to email marketing and other social media marketing communication platforms, texting service is the most effective and least expensive way of reaching out to a mass audience cutting across different demographics. It has up to 95%-100% read rate, the highest in the business communications platforms and as such, is the go-to service for businesses who want to experience the best of business communications.

Who should use the Mass Text Service?

Virtually anyone can use the mass text service as it is user-friendly and convenient for use. Both the young or old, technology – inclined or novice have encouraging stories to tell when reviewing texting service and all attest to its simplicity and ease of use. Anyone who has the need to send messages to a large audience numbering hundreds or thousands can take advantage of the opportunities texting service offers.

Sending Mass Text Messages to Different Groups 

To send a message to a group, you should sign up with a service provider, upload the phone numbers of your opted-in recipients, compose your message and send. While sending different text messages to different groups simultaneously, you should take note of these:

  • Make use of the necessary safeguards to ensure that members who appear in different groups don’t receive the same message multiple times.
  • Ensure that you group your contacts properly, according to location, interests, roles, status to enable you different them easily.
  • You can sync your contacts using CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system with your service provider’s texting platform for backup purposes.
  • You should divide your contacts into groups when you have different messages for different groups of people in your contact list.

Important features in Text Message Service 

Here are some of the important features your text service provider may offer:

  • Message Scheduling: Your text messaging service can pretty much do the work of a virtual assistant by helping you schedule your messages to go out at a stipulates future time. This feature can also help you set reminders.
  • Message personalization: This feature helps you get personal with your contacts by including their names or any other personal information in the messages.
  • URL Integration: You can add your URL to the message so that recipients can click on them and increase the amount of traffic on your site.
  • MMS Messaging: This feature allows you send audios, videos and picture files to your contacts via text messaging.
  • Tracking and Analytics: Helps You track the contacts that have read and replied your messages and keeps you abreast about opt-out rates, increase or decrease in engagement, etc.

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