SMS Service

An SMS service is simply a short message service that allows phone operators to send short character based messages. Regardless of your mobile device operating system, you probably have the SMS service feature as this is a traditional feature in most mobile devices. However, in order to achieve high throughput and meet business goals, you need to choose a service that can handle SMS messages in bulk.

How SMS Service Works

The SMS service came through when developers used set phone protocols to operate large messaging systems disseminating short alpha numeric messages in a bid to cut costs in alternate models of communication. These protocols actually allow for not more than 160 characters per text, which means that large messages need to be sent in multiple segments.

 Unlike the SMS which sends and receives mainly texts, the MMS or multimedia message service allows one to send or receive pictures, audio and video files.

SMS service

 Why You Need SMS service 

  The SMS service remains an efficient means of communication in the corporate and personal settings. It is estimated that in 2010, about 80 percent of all phone owners continue to make use of this age long service. Here a number of reasons why despite an intimidating array of efficient messengers flooding your app drawers, you may be unable to completely do away with the SMS service:

  • SMS messaging eases conversations in instances where the participants are not disposed to make a voice call, for example, during a board meeting.
  • SMS texts are cheaper than voice or video calls for most service providers.
  • In recent times, texts have been conduits of emotional expression, SMS service helps you bond with people who are important to you.
  • When it comes to managing budgets while keeping communication intact at the same time, SMS messaging is a major consideration.
  • Between calls and SMS messaging, the latter gets information broadcasted to more contacts in less time.
  • Most importantly, SMS requires the basic operator functionality to operate, thus, in emergency situations, there‚Äôs a higher chance of being able to send a text in comparison with other forms of text-based communication.

To enjoy the best of SMS services

Communication remains the live wire of all endeavor of life. SMS services aid you with easier, and more affordable options.

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