Automated Phone Calls for Businesses

Automated Phone Calls for Businesses may be defined as the use of any telephone system that businesses use in interacting with callers without any input from a human recipient other than the caller.

Types of Automated Phone Calls for Businesses:

Following are some types of automated phone calls:

Outbound Automated Calls for Businesses

This type of automated phone calls places calls to human recipients either as a recorded message, or to establish a connection with a human.

This type of automated phone calls for businesses accept a large number of contact information mostly obtained from a computer drive or an existing database.

Some of the advantages of using telephone lines, include system detection of human answers, and the ability to play sored messages based on human based answers.

Benefits of outbound telephone system

There are many businesses which make use of specially designed automated phone calls for businesses in a bid to ensure the delivery of marketing content to their clients.

Inbound Automated Phone Calls for Businesses

This type of automated phone call system answers calls from humans, and interacts with the callers as the name implies.

These telephone systems may either fulfill the needs of the caller, or connect the caller to a human operator. This phone systems usually play a message, after which the caller is asked to speak or select an option using the button.

The automated system will play a set of recorded information to the caller, depending on the input, or voice selection made by the caller.

Also, the caller may be rerouted to a human operator, should this be an option programmed into the system. An inbound automated phone call for businesses on the other hand works like an outbound system, but in reverse.

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Automated Phone Calls for Businesses

Benefits of Inbound telephone system

Inbound automated phone systems are often used in place of a receptionist as these automated systems can route callers to the appropriate departments, and also accept inputs. It can also answer a caller's basic question when the phone system is connected to a computer database

Hybrid Telephone System

This type of telephone system combines the attributes of an outbound system, and that of an inbound system which allows them to receive and make calls, and to effectively communicate with the human caller depending on the human's inputs or responses.

Criticisms of Automated Phone System

Automated phone systems offer numerous benefits to businesses, however, these automated systems have some drawbacks. Some of these are stated below:

Outbound automated phone systems have the potential to annoy your consumers, and a poorly configured automated system can experience some malfunction by receiving multiple calls, or leaving consumers listening to silence.

These terrible experiences faced by customers gave rise to the regulations stipulated by the Federal Communications Commission on the use of automated phone systems which now require businesses to adhere to extensive compliance measures.

Poorly designed inbound automated systems can leave customers feeling frustrated largely due to the inability to reach their intended party or misdirected calls which can occur due to poorly designed systems.  

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