Automated Text Message

What is an automated text message?

An automated text message is sometimes called "scheduled message". They are messages that are programmed to be sent automatically based on set date and time parameters, regardless of your availability or input. Once messages are set to be sent at a specific time, the messages send automatically when all parameters are met.

Sending an automated text message, just like employing a personal assistant, helps you manage your time wisely, plan effectively and reduces the risks of not sending certain crucial messages in time because you forgot, or are unavailable. With the automated text message, all you need to do is schedule a text message to be sent to specific recipients at a given time and go about your other activities.

Usage Guidelines for Automated Text Messages

To send an automated text message, you'd need to take the following steps:

  • Register: The first step is to register with an automated text message service provider. You can easily sign up/ register with 123 Robocall, which happens to be one of the largest and most preferred automated messaging provider in the USA and Canada.
  • Upload contacts: The next step is to upload the contact information of the intended message recipients after gaining their consent to send them messages. To make sure you are sending the right messages to the right classes of people, you can create different contact groups for easy identification.
  • Build your list: There may be other potential message recipients whose permission you may require to send them messages. There are many ways to do this. By running a keyword campaign, or providing a form on your social media pages where people who want to receive the text messages fill out their details and indicate their interest.
  • Compose message: You can now compose the messages you wish to send out, and add the list of recipients receiving each message.
  • Schedule and send: Set the date and time for sending each message.

With these few steps, you'd have successfully scheduled your automated messages.

Benefits of sending automated text message

  • Cost-Effectiveness:  Automated texting is cheap and provides adequate value for your money.
  • Time-Efficiency:  Automated messages deliver at the right time and affords you the opportunity of doing something else while the messages are being sent. You just have to compose the message, set the time, and go about your normal activities. The messages may also be sent to as many recipients as possible, helping you save the time you otherwise would have spent sending messages to all those recipients one at a time.
  •   Drives business communication and growth: Automated messages helps improve business growth by making communication easy and effective. You can easily welcome new customers, follow up on goods and services, etc. without even being there.
  • Convenience: Sending automated messages are very easy and convenient.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: It's a good feeling knowing that you can always be there for your customers even when you are physically absent from your workspace.


Automated texting is a great way to improve your business communication, marketing, efficiency and drive sales with minimal effort. For the best experience, register with 123 Robocall today and you'd be glad you did.

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