How to Setup a Robocall

Did you know how to setup a robocall?

Have you ever wanted to use a Robocall service and you were unsure as to how to setup a robocall?

Do not let that deter you. At 123Robocall, we are always ready to aid you with your communication challenges.

In this article we are going to take you through the ropes of setting up a Robocall. It’s as easy as 123, and we will be done in no time.

Before You Can Set Up a Robocall

In addition, to the point of setting up a Robocall, you must have an account with us. Without an account, you are not eligible to use any of our services. Below is a step by step guide on setting up an account with us.

How to setup a robocall

Steps to Set Your Account

  1. Visit our site www.123robocall.com
  2. Click on “create your account”.
  3. Fill in all required fields
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions and sign up.

How to Setup a Robocall?

Additionally, setting up a Robocall would take nothing more than these three easy steps.

  • Load in your contact list

Load in the contact list which you want to get your message across to. Furthermore, you can have more than one contact list for different purposes. So make sure you select the proper list that contains the contacts of your target audience. Do well to ensure that you select the right list. This is really important as you do not end up sending the wrong message to the wrong set of people.

  • Select the message to send

 After you have loaded your contact list, your next line of action would require inputting the particular message you want to get across. There are two methods through which you can achieve this- either by recording or by text-to-speech.

For recording, all you have to do is upload a prerecorded audio message or record a new message over the phone. Moreover, the text-to-speech function on the other hand will work by selecting an already prepared message which will be converted to speech by the robocall app.

  • Cross check every detail

Comparatively, this may seem quite negligible, it is advisable as you do not want to send the wrong message to the wrong group of people. Go through every single detail before sending.

  • Send your message across

The final step is to send the message across to your contacts. All you have to do is click on the launch campaign button, and in a few minutes, your call should get across to your contacts.

However, in case you require further clarifications from an expert in the field, simply reach out to our expert campaign support. Here you would have access to experts who can answer your every question, or take you on step by step detailed tutorial on how you can navigate the software.

You can now go ahead and set up your first Robocall   

Robocalling is a breeze with 123 Robocall