Mass Text Messaging App

Reaching a lot of people at the same time could be a very tough nut to crack if you do not utilize the right methodology.  The right method in reaching people en masse would have to be something that offers you a lot of flexibility, ease, and value. The best choice for this would be a mass text messaging app.


A mass text messaging app is built by service providers and is used for messaging people en mass. Reaching a lot of people could be pretty easy if you used a mass text messaging app.


Using a mass text messaging app is simple and straightforward. You don't have to be a tech guru. All you need is the ability to read English which obviously have already. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

Create your unique opt-in word

This is the first step and you only get to do it once, except you decide to change your opt-in word which is also very easy to do. Your opt-in word is the unique set of lettering people can use to opt-in to receive your messages. It could be an acronym, a word or phrase. Whenever people send this opt-in word to your designated short code or number, they are added to your contact list.

Build your contact list

If you already had one, you can import it and use it or you could grow your contact list from the scratch. This is an essential step. Don't just gloat over it. Your contact list is very important. Without one, you cannot send messages to anyone. Also, you can only send messages to people who have opted in.

Create your message

Once you have your contact list, the next thing is to create the message you intend to send out. This is your opportunity to start a conversation that can lead to limitless possibilities. So make sure you use the right set of words that can perfectly convey your thoughts.

Send your message

Before you do this though, you would want to ensure that you have cross-checked your message. When you are certain it's all perfect, then you can send it out to your contact list with just one click.

It's that simple to get across to a lot of people. No hassles in the way.


1. DIY

Everybody loves it when they can get things done all by themselves. With the mass text messaging app, you can get across to a lot of people all by your self. You don't need a tech guru and you do not need to be one. The app has a simplistic and intuitive interface that anybody could understand and use with ease.

2. Limitless reach

There really is no limit to the number of people you could reach using a mass text messaging app. If you want to reach over 200000 people or more, it's perfectly fine. The App has got you covered.

3. Save cost

If you have the money to spare on adverts, it's perfectly fine. But if you do not have that much, then the mass test messaging app would still help you get your self in front of people at a pocket-friendly price. With the little you have, you can reach the people you need to reach.

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