Mass Text Service

Introduction to Mass Text Service

Do you sometimes wonder how a company with lots of customers is able to keep tabs on all of them, sending each and every one of them important information all at the same time? Or have you ever received a message from a political campaign office and wondered how they were able to deliver messages to thousands of people at the same time? It’s simple. These businesses, corporate organizations and campaign bodies are taking advantage of the increasing popularity of mass text service to achieve their communication goals.

Mass text service is a communication service that allows businesses and organizations to send messages to large groups of people across various demographics at the same time. Each individual receives the messages as though it were sent to just him or her. This way, businesses save a lot of time and can channel their efforts into other productive activities instead of wasting them sending messages to hundreds or thousands of people one at a time.

How Mass Text service improves your business  

Mass text service improves business processes in three (3) major ways:

  • Deliverability: Mass text service offers businesses instant deliverability. By ensuring that messages are delivered to recipients immediately after they are sent, it can help improve SMS marketing campaign results.
  • Efficiency: Mass texting services are efficient and aid productivity. You don’t have to manually send individual messages to a large audience, and as such, have more time on your hands to get busy with other activities.
  • Affordability and reduced costs: Mass text messaging is the cheapest method for mass advertising and marketing and offer very low running costs, helping to reduce costs of doing business and increasing business profit.

How to use the service 

Using mass texting service starts with signing up with an efficient service provider, one whose platform your business can leverage to send mass text messages. After signing up for little or no fee at all, you upload the list of opted-in recipients, type in your message, schedule the time for them to be sent and conclude the process by clicking the send’ button. It’s quite easy and convenient to use.

Which Is the Best Mass Text Service Provider for 2020

As stated earlier, the first step to using the mass text messaging service is partnering with a reputable service provider. This is not just only the first step, but is the most important step. Your choice of service provider determines to a large extent how well your SMS campaigns and other marketing communication strategies would work. It’s that simple.

The 123 Robocall mass text service excels at the job and can be trusted to produce the results to boost your marketing campaign and improve your business growth.


Mass text service has gained popularity in the business world as the most effective means of internal and external communications to multiple persons at the same time. To get the best out of this service, it’s important for businesses to partner with the best service provider in the industry to attend to their business communication needs. No company beats the 123 Robocall in this aspect. Simply contact them today to get started and experience it for yourself.

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